62. Underground Mines Face Drill Rigs(ZEGA UJ21D)

For twenty years, Zhigao has worked various tunneling projects around the world, creating cutting-edge technology to serve you with the best solution for your application. As the manufacturer in the business with our own underground R&D department, we aim to be the leader frount runner in the tunneling equipment industry.
Underground Mines Face Drill Rigs ZEGA UJ21D jumbo is mainly used in underground mine development and small tunnel tunneling, and also can be used in anchor hole and side hole.

Drilling coverage area:35m2



Product description

Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. is leading domestic equipment. The underground Mines Face Drill Rigs UJ21D of Zhigao Machinery that tunneling jumbos have a special modular design that makes these machines flexible and versatile. Whether you’re using them for fast face drilling or mechanized long-hole drilling and bolting, these machines ensure high productivity and reliability.

The most important feature of UJ21D Jumbo is the revolutionary design based on the technology of world famous manufacturers and the strict control standards adopted in the production process. A large number of parts and components of international famous brands are used. In addition to the comprehensive surpassing of performance, UJ21D Jumbo will provide mine users with completely different services and cost-performance feeling.


Drill Rig ZEGA UJ21D is widely used in underground mine development,small-sized tunnel excavation, and also for reinforcement applications such as bolting hole drilling. It can meet the requirements of mine development and bolt hole drilling with a section above 2.5m x 2.5m.

Technical specifications

Hole range 41-102mm Voltage 380V
Hole depth 3,440mm Reel Cable Length 80m
Drill Rod Size T38 – H35 – R32 *


Feed Total Length 5,500mm
Face Size (W x H) 6,600 x 6,300 mm Feeding Length 3,440mm
Drilling Coverage Area 35m2 Extension Length 1,600mm
Turning Radius ( inner / outer ) R2,650mm/R5,000mm Tramming Speed 12 /4.5km/h
Dimension (L*W*H-roof up/down) 10,680×1,700×2,190


Gradeability 15°
Weight ≤12,000Kg Articulated Steering Angle ±41°
Drifter Model ZY104M Tramming Brake 2 independent circuits
Impact Power 20 kW Hydraulic Jacks 4pcs
Max. Torque 750N.m Fuel tank volume 63L
Impact Frequency 60Hz Ground clearance 260mm
Rotation Speed 0-388rpm Parallel holding Complete
Weight 170Kg Boom extension 1,200mm
Air Compressor Model Twin screws Boom swing angle L/R ±35°
Working Pressure 7bar Boom lifting angle +68°/-40°
Rated Capacity FAD 0.3m3/min Feed tilt angle +40°/-68°
Diesel Engine Model Cummins QSB3.9-C100-III


Feed roll-over 360°(auger-type)
Rated Power 74kW (100 HP) Water System Flow Rate 66L/min
Rotation Speed 2,200rpm/min Working pressure 13bar
Electric Motor Rated Power 55kW Min. water inlet pressure 2bar

  ZEGA UJ21D Jumbos View



Turning Radius

Drilling Operation Coverage Area


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