44. Surface Top Hammer Drill Rigs(ZEGA T640J)

Surface Top Hammer Drill Rigs ZEGA T640J is China “Core tech”, Zhigao ( ZEGA)independent researched and developed core technology for higher productivity, combining performance and economy, the Top Hammer Drill Rig ZEGA T640J is the perfect drill for quarries or construction sites.
Hole Diameter Range:Φ64-102 mm



Surface Top Hammer Drill Rigs ZEGA T640J This series of hydraulic drills use 45/51 mm diameter connecting drill rods to drill vertical, inclined holes from 64mm to 102mm diameter. The maximum hole depth can reach 20 meters.

ZEGA T640J automatic integrated Top hammer drill rig widely used in hole diameter range at φ64‒115 mm. And it optimum hole diameter is φ90mm.


ZEGA T640J series drilling rigs are widely used in the surface area, for example: quarries, open pit mining, hydro power construction, road construction and other rock excavation drilling operations and so on.

Technical specifications

Hole range 64-102mm Boom type Folding boom
Hole depth 20m Feeding method Cylinder-wire rope
Rock drill ZY 104H Feed total length 7,320mm
Percussion power 20kW Travel length 4,420mm
Rotation rpm 0-135 Feed extension 1,200
Rotation torque 1180N.m Feeding speed 0.9m/s
Drill rod carousel capacity 5+1(Auto rod changer ) Feeding force maxi 20kN
Drill rod length 3,660mm Pull up force 20kN
Drill rod size 45 / 51mm Max Tramming speed 3.1km/h
Air Compressor Air end manufacturer: ZEGA Traction force 138kN
Discharge air volume FAD ( m³ / min) 7m³/ min Max Slope climbing ability 25°
Working pressure 8bar Track frame oscillation angle ± 10°
Engine Model Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C205 Ground clearance 360mm
Emission standard China Stage II/Stage III Width 2,450mm
Rated RPM 2,100rpm Height 3,100mm
Rated power 152kW Length 11,300mm
Fuel tank capacity 340L Weight 14,100 kg

ZEGA T640J TOP Hummer Drill Rigs View


Rock Drill:

High-pressure system design, equipped with 20kW high-frequency 104 rock drill, makes the drill have strong drilling capacity and excellent fuel consumption indication.

Rod Handling System:

Rod carousel with rotating hydraulic cylinder, manipulator, drill rod thread lubricator, and rod chuck constitute a simple and efficient RHS system.

Boom/Hydraulic cylinder:

The high-strength folding boom design and enlarged hydraulic cylinder ensure the drill a larger effective drilling coverage area.

Tramming Mechanism:

The combination of heavy-duty track-chassis and oscillation cylinders make it extremely maneuverable.

Dust collector:

The two-stage dry dust collector design is environment friendly and helps improve productivity..

Dual Drill Rod Supporter:

Dual drill rod supporter design ensures drilling straightness and

improves drilling completion rate.



ZEGA T640J Top Hammer Rigs Product Features

  • High efficiency and energy saving: The average pure penetration rate is 1 minute within the range of the hole diameter, and the fuel consumption is less than 0.6 liters per drilled meter.
  • Maneuverability and flexibility: The design of the folding boom provides a large drilling coverage area and a more stable center of gravity, enabling the drilling rig to travel at a maximum speed of 3.1 kilometers per hour.
  • Life-cycle cost and maintenance convenience: Compared with the imported brand counterpart, the cost of purchasing, running and maintaining the drilling rig is greatly reduced. There is ample maintenance space in the machine compartment and all service points are within easy reach.


ZEGA T640J TOP Hummer rig View


Drilling Coverage Area

P.S.: The drill rig shown in the pictures / figures may be equipped with optional equipment. The specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please consult your local Zhigao representatives for details.

Other Information

Payment term T/T,  L/C at sight
Port Ningbo/Shanghai,China.


Drill Rigs FAQ


  1. Q: The whole Drill Rig is weak after starting. How to troubleshoot?


A: First check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, then check whether the oil suction filter element or oil suction port is blocked, and whether the oil inlet pipe of the oil pump is shrunk or blocked. Replace and clean in time if it is blocked.



  1. Q: What is the fault of a large amount of oil leakage at the compression nut of the oil cylinder?


A: 1) If the seal is worn or damaged, replace the seal.

2) The clearance between cylinder head hole and cylinder rod is too large. Replace the seal.


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