236. Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Air compressors, abbreviated as air compressors, are widely used, especially screw type air compressors. They are known as “general purpose machinery” due to their wide range of uses.
Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. is proud to introduce the ‘Rotary Screw Air Compressors ’, its 55-132 SFe-8bar series variable frequency Vertical Rotary Screw Air Compressors.


The Rotary Screw Air Compressors are used to compress and increase the pressure of air, which is then used as a power source and transported to the factory workshop through pipelines to meet the air supply requirements of various pneumatic equipment, assembly line mechanical equipment, control instruments, and automation devices.

Inflation: tire inflation, blow molding, pipe blowing, bottle blowing, food filling, etc.

Control instruments: processing centers, machine tools, printing machinery, auxiliary equipment control in power plants, train brakes, track changing devices, opening and closing of vehicle doors and windows, control valves, instrument power, etc.

Driving equipment: air gun, nail gun, manipulator, pneumatic drill, pneumatic pick, etc.

Surface spraying: metal surface sandblasting, surface painting, etc.


Rotary-Screw Air Compressors which are widely used in various factories and enterprises, such as: machinery, metallurgy, electronics, electricity, medicine, packaging, chemical industry, food, mining, textile, transportation, and many other industrial fields.

ZHIGAO TECH Industrial Screw Air Compressor Naming Principle

Naming Principle
S: Screw
F: Air cool
-8: Rated Pressure 8bar
e: Various frequency
T: Single-stage compression

Technical specifications

Model 55SFe-8 75SFe-8 90SFe-8 110SFe-8 132SFe-8
Electric motor power 55kW 75kW 90kW 110kW 132kW
Air discharge capacity FAD 4-9.7










Rated speed 3000RPM 3000RPM 3000RPM 3000RPM 3000RPM
Weight 950kg 1140kg 1420kg 1600kg 1750kg


1610×1240×1460 1700×1230×1540 1850×1290×1580 2100×1420×1680 2100×1420×1680
Air discharge valve size DN40










 Main configuration

Zhigao screw compression air end

Zhigao electric motor

Huichuan frequency converter

Electric Air Compressors Operating principle

Product Features

  • Inverter starting avoids grid shocks, intelligent inverter air pressure control reduces energy-intensive run times, and precise constant voltage control maintains system pressure deviations within 0.1 bar;
  • Every detail is greatly optimized on the whole system and pipeline, ensure its stability as well as reduce the energy consumption as much as possible;
  • The internal layout is optimized and its spacious interior facilitates maintenance.

Other Information

Payment term T/T, L/C at sight
Port Ningbo/Shanghai


Electric Air Compressors FAQ

1. Q: How to analyze the lubricating oil inflow of high-pressure air compressor? And how to handle it?

Answer: High pressure air compressor: Many enterprises have air compressors. Typically, a nominal discharge pressure (Mpa) of 10-100 is specified as a high pressure air compressor. The lubricating oil of high-pressure air compressors in enterprises often enters the water during operation, which poses great risks to the safe operation of equipment. Find out the cause of water ingress and remove water from the oil in a timely manner.

1、 Fault analysis

(1)The outlet pipe of the high-pressure air compressor is equipped with a check valve to discharge high-temperature and high-pressure humid air through the exhaust valve of the air compressor in the presence of high-temperature and high-pressure humid air. However, after passing through cold air, it can also carry certain oil and water components.

(2)It should be noted that the secondary and tertiary intercoolers and aftercoolers of the high-pressure air compressor are equipped with air moisture separators, but they are used to separate the moisture generated during the compression process, but the effect is not very good during operation.

(3)Secondly, due to the relatively long waiting time of the high-pressure air compressor, the moisture generated by exhaust gas accumulates around the pipes and check valves, and the water flows back to the inside of the chassis, causing the lubricating oil content to gradually increase, which may lead to a high-pressure air compressor oil level alarm.

(4)How to explain the excessive water content in the exhaust gas of the air compressor? When removing the outlet pipe of the air compressor after shutdown, observe whether the milky white liquid flows out. If found, the exhaust water content of the air compressor seriously exceeds the standard. According to the operating requirements of the air compressor, the air compressor should have a small operating time to prevent water accumulation in the crankcase from causing oil level reading errors. Water and oil cannot be mixed, and if they coexist, the oil will quickly deteriorate. The operating time is generally more than 10 minutes, which must be sufficient to heat the air compressor to vaporize the condensed water. Currently, the operating time of the air compressor is 7 minutes, which obviously cannot meet the requirements.

2、 Processing method

(1)For the lubricating oil inlet problem of the high-pressure air compressor, the technician should promptly replace the check valve of the sealing pipe, and install an oil water separator with high water removal efficiency behind the outlet pipe of the air compressor. The interior of the oil water separator is filtered by a filter.

(2)After entering the oil water separator from the inlet, high-temperature compressed air is directly intercepted through cyclone separation, inertial collision separation, and microfiber filtration, and discharged through the discharge port. After dehydration, compressed air is discharged through the outlet to meet the needs of high-pressure gas.

(3)The bottom discharge port of the oil water separator is equipped with an automatic discharge solenoid valve, with an automatic discharge interval of 2 minutes and a discharge time of 5 seconds. Without affecting the normal operation of the high-pressure air compressor, increasing the discharge time of the separator can effectively extend the operating time of the air compressor and meet the operating time requirements of the air compressor.

After trial operation, the air compressor suppressed 4.15-4.40 MPa from the start of automatic startup, and operated for more than 11 minutes.



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