23. Surface Iron Mine Drill Rigs(ZEGA 480A)

Surface Iron Mine Drill Rigs ZEGA D480A have been proven in soft, medium and hard rock conditions with multiple end-users and applications providing deep holes from 5″ to 8″ at fast drilling rates with low maintenance requirements. For different requirements of users, high-quality diesel engine of Cummins or Yuchai and at least 24 bar large F.A.D., top of the line dual-stage screw air compressor used.
Hole Diameter Range:Φ178-230 mm



Servicing the Surface Iron Mine Drill Rigs ZEGA D480A is easy with access to all key components such as the engine, fluid levels and compressor through large panel doors located at ground level for maintenance when needed.

The ZEGA D480A surface drill rigs’ cabs have been redesigned to provide operators maximum comfort with single-lever drilling controls, digital gauges, and superior views of drilling operation.

ZEGA D480A Heavy automatic integrated DTH surface Drill Rigs widely used in hole diameter range at φ178‒230 mm. And it optimum hole diameter is φ178mm.


ZEGA D480A widely used in iron mine, gold mine, other kinds of open pit mines, construction, surface mines and quarries, demolition, civil engineering construction, building construction and so on.

Technical specifications

Hole range Φ178 ‒ 230 mm Hydraulic cylinder +Steel rope feeding system
Recommended DTH hammer size 5”/ 6”/ 8” Total length 11,000 mm
Drill pipe handling capacity 4+1 Travel length 7,600 mm
Drill pipe outer diameter Φ114 mm Feed extension 1,300 mm
Drill pipe length 7 m Maximum Feeding rate 0.88 m / s
Maximum hole depth with Auto handling 35 m Maximum feeding force 34.5kN
Rotation speed 0 – 80 rpm Maximum pull up force 67.6kN
Maximum torque 5,600 N.m Track frame with oscillation
Diesel engine Cummins


Maximum Tramming speed 3 km / h
Rated power 410 kW ( 550 hp ) Maximum Traction force 156.2kN
Emission standard Tier 4 / Euro stage 4 compliance Slope climbing ability 25°
Fuel tank Capacity 750 L Track frame oscillation angle ±10°
Air compressor: ACI DG2000 Ground clearance 420 mm
Maximum working pressure 25 bar (362.5psi) Weight 24,500 kg
Capacity FAD 33m3/min(1,100cfm) Length 12,560 mm
Boom type Heavy duty single straight boom Width 2,700 mm
Feed beam Heavy duty aluminum alloy Height 3,560 mm

ZEGA D480A Drill Rigs View

Cummins Engine:

The world-class Cummins Eninge and imported dual-stage screw compressor for great stability.

Heavy duty aluminum alloy feed beam:

Standard 7-meter drill pipe with heavy duty aluminum alloy feed beam and stainless steel protective cover, light weight, durable and efficient.

Hydraulic cylinder + steel wire rope feeding:

The hydraulic cylinder + steel wire rope feeding for precision feed control with high torque rotation head for smooth movement.

New platform for drill pipe feed and removal:

New breakout table for pipe handling for better sight and operation convenience!.

Dust collector:

Zhigao industry leading two-stage dust collection technology. Large Dust filter area with automatic continuous self-cleaning dust collection.

The dust collection filters easily removed and installed for high maintenance work efficiency.

The retractable dust collecting hood for operator to clearly observe collaring condition and control collaring process.

Easy Maintenance:

Equipped with hydraulic tank and fuel tank filling pump for convenient hydraulic oil change and fuel filling.


ZEGA D480A Drill Rigs Product Features

  • ZEGA D480A has large windows maximize operator visibility.
  • All-in-One display allows operator to monitor machine functions and angle indicator for quick and easy drilling alignment while remaining focused on the drilling.
  • Walk-around ground level maintenance provides fast, easy upkeep or repair.
  • D480A Drill Rigs’ angle indicator for quick and easy drilling alignment. Drill hole diameter 5″ – 8″.
  • Reliable dust control system increases suction capacity and provides effective pre-cleaner to reduce the escape of drilling dust. An optional dust suppression system is available for difficult drilling conditions.
  • Advanced rotary pipe changer allows easy drill pipe changes.
  • High-output compressor increases flushing air, provides faster drilling and decreases bit wear.


Other Information

Payment term T/T,  L/C at sight
Port Ningbo/Shanghai,China.

Drill Rigs FAQ

  1. Q: What is the fault of too slow drilling speed?

A: 1) The air volume is insufficient and the air pressure is too low. Increase the air supply volume and check the connector for air leakage.

2) If the air supply pipeline is small or too long, replace the air duct and shorten the air circuit.

3) The thrust is insufficient, and the thrust is increased.

4) The drill hole is displaced, and the resistance of the impactor and drill pipe is too large when they are running at the edge. Adjust the rack immediately, reduce the thrust, move up and down while rotating, and trim the hole wall.

5) The drill bit is blunt, and it should be repaired or replaced.

6) The internal parts of the impactor are worn. Check and replace them after cleaning.

7) If there is too much water in the air bag or the pipeline freezes in winter, the air bag shall be drained to remove the ice.

  1. Q: What is the fault of drill pipe run out?

A: It is possible to drop rocks or pass through the intersection of rock changes, or drop alloy sheets; If the alloy sheet falls into the fault, the alloy sheet can be squeezed into the fault. If it cannot be taken out, the above method shall be adopted


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