21. Surface Mining Drill Rigs(ZEGA 460A)

Surface Mining Drill Rigs ZEGA D460A is efficient and accurate blast hole drilling, is reasonable choice for users with operation efficiency and stability concerns.
ZEGA D460A Heavy automatic integrated DTH surface Drill Rigs widely used in hole diameter range at φ115‒152 mm. And it optimum hole diameter is φ115mm.
Hole Diameter Range:Φ115-152 mm




Surface Mining Drill Rigs ZEGA D460A what mobility in small faces, the comfort of the cabin, ease of operation, and ease of maintenance have all been greatly improved. The hard work of drilling can be made easily and in a comfortable cabin.

Zhigao machinery constantly design, develop, manufacture and provide incidental services for mining equipment and construction machine attachments according to “Product Quality Policy”
ZEGA Machinery will strive to maintain and manage the quality globally for all the customer can use our products at ease.


ZEGA D460A widely used for open pit mines, surface construction, surface mining and quarry, demolition and so on.

Technical specifications

Hole range Φ115 ‒ 152 mm Hydraulic cylinder+ Steel rope feeding system
Recommended DTH hammer size 4” / 5” Total length 9,000 mm
Drill pipe handling capacity 6+1 Travel length 5,600 mm
Drill pipe outer diameter Φ102 mm Feed extension 1,300 mm
Drill pipe length 5 m (optional 6 m or 7 m) Maximum Feeding rate 0.88 m / s
Maximum hole depth with Auto handling 35 m Maximum feeding force 34.5kN
Rotation speed 0 – 105 rpm Maximum pull up force 67.6kN
Maximum torque 4,435 N.m Track frame with oscillation
Diesel engine Cummins

L9CS4 400C

Maximum Tramming speed 3 km / h
Rated power 294 kW ( 395 hp ) Maximum Traction force 156.2kN
Emission standard Tier Ⅳ / Euro stage ⅣA compliance Slope climbing ability 25°
Fuel tank Capacity 750 L Track frame oscillation angle ±10°
Air compressor: :ZEGA ZGDB 138 III O-H Ground clearance 420 mm
Maximum working pressure 21 bar (305psi) Weight 22,000 kg
Capacity FAD 19 m 3 / min Length 11,550 mm
Boom type Heavy duty single boom Width 2,700 mm
Feed beam High strength aluminum alloy Height 3,560 mm


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