182. Oil free Water Lubricated Air Compressor

Zhejiang Zhigao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Oil free Water Lubricated Air Compressor, single-stage variable frequency Oil-free Water Lubricated. These compressors are highly reliable with super low noise, high efficiency, safety, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance.
The Oil free Water Lubricated Air Compressor is designed with an integrated modular design, which means there are no complicated piping and wiring systems, resulting in fewer failure points and greater stability. Furthermore, the structure is designed with humanity in mind, making installation much simpler and maintenance easier, with lower repair costs.


The variable frequency technology is highly efficient and flexible, allowing the compressor to adapt to different working conditions, resulting in significant energy savings. The compressor is equipped with ultra-low noise fans, sound-absorbing materials, and overall vibration attenuation measures, and therefore operates with minimal noise.

The water-lubricated oil-free system of the compressor provides precise cooling and lubrication to the compressor, ensuring a long operational lifespan. The well-designed internal structure of the compressor ensures high-efficiency output and eliminates the need for oil filtration and condensate treatment equipment.

In conclusion, the Kaishan water lubrication oil-free industrial screw air compressor is a reliable and efficient choice for industries with high air compressor demands. With its innovative design and advanced technology, this compressor offers superior performance, high safety, low noise, and ease of maintenance while being cost-effective at the same time.


The Cement Dedicated Air Compressor is a widely at Cement manufacturing: storage ventilation, mixing of cement slurry, cleaning and sealing of cement bags, raw material mixing, tipper trucks, cleaning equipment, clinker cooling, conveying cement and coal, cement kiln cleaning, vehicle and ship loading and unloading, lifting and lifting devices, pneumatic control.


ZHIGAO TECH Industrial Screw Air Compressor Naming Principle

Naming Principle
15kW~750kW: Electric Motor Power 15kW~75kW
W: Water lubrication
S: Screw
-8: Rated Pressure 68bar
e: Various frequency
T: Single-stage compression

 Technical specifications

Model Electric motor power Air discharge capacity FAD Rated speed Weight Dimensions


Air discharge valve size
15WSFe-8 15kW 1.0-2.43m3/min 3000rpm 670kg 1370×850×1290 DN20
22WSFe-8 22kW 1.5-3.7m3/min 3000rpm 780kg 1460×960×1400 DN25
37WSFe-8 37kW 2.6-6.5m3/min 3000rpm 1200kg 1700×1085×1600 DN32
55WSFe-8 55kW 4.2-10.3m3/min 3000rpm 1570kg 2140×1300×1800 DN50
75WSFe-8 75kW 5.2-13m3/min 3000rpm 1750kg 2240×1300×1800 DN50

 Main configuration

Zhigao screw compression air end

Zhigao electric motor

Huichuan frequency converter

Air Compressors Operating principle


Product Features

  • Stainless steel screw air end, stainless steel system, which can operate stably for a long time and maintain the efficiency after major maintenance;
  • Integrated modular design, no complex pipelines and circuits, less failure points;
  • Ergonomic structure design, simplify installation, more convenient maintenance, reduce maintenance costs.

Other Information

Payment term T/T, L/C at sight
Port Ningbo/Shanghai


Electric Air Compressors FAQ

 1. Q: What are the characteristics of diesel mobile screw air compressor?


Features of diesel screw air compressor.

1) Main engine: adopt large-diameter screw rotor. The main engine is directly connected with the diesel engine through high elastic coupling. There is no speed increase gear in the middle, so the reliability is better;

2) The speed of the main engine is consistent with that of the diesel engine (not more than 2400r/min), and the service life is longer.

3) Diesel engine: Dongfeng Cummins, Yuchai and other domestic famous brand diesel engines are selected, which meet the Euro II emission requirements, have low fuel consumption, and have a nationwide after-sales service system, so that users can get fast and complete services.

4) Good adaptability. It can automatically adjust the throttle (exhaust) of diesel engine according to the size of gas consumption without wasting a drop of diesel. This is equivalent to the frequency conversion control of the electric screw machine.

5) The operation parameters are clear at a glance, and it has the functions of multiple prompt, cash alarm and shutdown protection.

  1. Q:Why do we use air as the compressed medium?


Because the air is compressible, clear and transparent, and easy to transport (non condensing), harmless, safe and inexhaustible. Inert gas is a kind of gas that has no chemical effect on the environment. The standard compressor can compress inert gas as well. Dry nitrogen and carbon dioxide are inert gases.

Air property: dry air composition: nitrogen (N2) 78.08% oxygen (O2) 20.93% carbon dioxide (CO2) 0.03% density: at 0 ℃, 760mmHg column, R0=1.293kg/m3.


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