163. Two stage Diesel Stationary Screw Air Compressors

The main components of Two stage Diesel Stationary Screw Air Compressors are screw air end and oil-air separation barrel.A machine designed according to the working principle of double-screw (also known as the male and female rotors) rotating to make the volume of gas change. It can suck the natural air and then complete the work through several internal processes, and finally discharge the compressed air that meets the pressure requirements. This machine is called the screw air compressor.

The overall machine is installed in a box, which is self-contained, and can be directly placed on the flat cement floor without using anchor bolts to fix it on the foundation.


The screw air end is a two-shaft volumetric rotary compressor end. Two stage Diesel Stationary Screw Air Compressor absorbs air through suction filtration and air inlet control valve, while oil is injected into the air compression chamber to cool and seal the machine air end and lubricate the screw and bearing. The compression chamber generates compressed air.

Diesel Stationary Screw Air Compressor equipment – screw air compressor drives the compression components at the best speed suitable for the purpose through efficient transmission system.

No maintenance is required during normal operation.

Screw air compressor equipment – screw air compressor original compressor design saves unnecessary maintenance costs.

All parts and components are designed with long service life. Large-sized inlet filter, oil filter and fine separator ensure the best compressed air quality.

All oil filters and separator components of all models within 22kW (30hp) are centrifugal type, and the maintenance time is further reduced.

“Quick maintenance point” enables maintenance work to be completed in a few minutes, and reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

Naming Principle


Mine: Ventilation, drilling large holes, removing water with gas, filtering fine chips, pneumatic hoist, driving rock drill, pneumatic drill, hole blowing, pile driver, rock drill.

Stone pit: Lifting and handling materials, rock drilling machines, gas supply, drilling and blasting machines, rock drills, hand drills, water pumps.

Technical specifications

Model SPDB855D SPDB1035D SPDB1105D SPDB1285D
Emission China II Stage China II Stage China II Stage China Ⅲ Stage
Engine Cummins/ 239 kW/ 320 HP Yuchai/295kW/ 395 HP Xichai/ 309 kW/ 415 HP Cummins/410k/ 550 HP
Diesel tank volume 350 L 415 L 415 L 600 L
Air End Two Stage Compression Two Stage Compression Two Stage Compression Two Stage Compression
Dimensions (L×W×H)mm 3,560×1,830×2,050 mm 3,950×2,000×2,300 mm 3,950×2,000×2,000 mm 4,220×2,000×2,300 mm
Rated FAD 24 m³/min 29 m³/min 31 m³/min 36 m³/min
Rated Pressure 22 bar 24 bar 25 bar 30 bar
Weight 3,450kg 4,300kg 4,500kg 5,500kg
Exhaust oil content ≤ 3 PPM
Exhaust temperature 80℃-110℃
Noise level (dB) ≤85dB
Minimum reservoir pressure 4.5bar
Maximum reservoir pressure (compressor unloading) 7bar
Minimum starting temperature -10℃
Maximum ambient temperature 45℃

Features of screw air compressor:

  1. Main engine: adopt large-diameter screw rotor. The main engine is directly connected with the diesel engine through high elastic coupling. There is no speed increase gear in the middle, so the reliability is better;
  2. The speed of the main engine is consistent with that of the diesel engine (not more than 2400r/min), and the service life is longer;
  3. Diesel engine: Dongfeng Cummins, Yuchai and other domestic famous brand diesel engines are selected, which meet the Euro II emission requirements, have low fuel consumption, and have a nationwide after-sales service system, so that users can get fast and complete services;
  4. Good adaptability. It can automatically adjust the throttle (exhaust) of diesel engine according to the size of gas consumption without wasting a drop of diesel. This is equivalent to the frequency conversion control of the electric screw machine;
  5. The operation parameters are clear at a glance, and it has the functions of multiple prompt, cash alarm and shutdown protection.


Other Information

Payment term T/T, L/C at sight
Port Ningbo/Shanghai

Normally FAQ

 Q: What is the reason for the input phase loss of fan frequency converter?

Answer: This fault is basically caused by the fluctuation of the power grid. The small capacitance of the fan frequency converter has poor anti-interference ability. Check whether the customer’s power supply is stable, or adopt the scheme of main/fan frequency converter sharing DC bus, that is,+to+, – to -, RST power supply is not connected, and use the main frequency converter to improve the anti-interference ability.

Q: What is the reason why the low-pressure turbine cannot be loaded (the inlet valve cannot be opened)?

Answer: The internal pressure is too small to open the inlet valve. Adjust the pressure valve to increase the internal pressure.


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