Surface Drill Rigs

Surface Drill Rigs

Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig Suppliers

As surface drill rig manufacturers, we are a significant business that specializes in the development and production of various types of separated DTH surface drill rig equipment. However, the main products are construction drilling rigs, crawler-mounted well drilling rigs, truck-attached well drilling rigs, separated-type rock drilling rigs, and all-in-one type rock drilling rigs. Thus, the hydraulic surface drill rig focuses on drilling boreholes with a large diameter and depth, such as water wells and geothermal wells.

The separated DTH surface drill rig is frequently used in blast hole drilling for mining, hydropower, transportation, and defense projects. However, with their cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance, we as surface drill rig manufacturers, are revolutionizing the industry. Find out how these rigs may advance your drilling operations. The most rigorous drilling specifications are met by us.

Best Quality Surface Drill Rig Manufacturers

Our hydraulic surface drill rig provides incredibly accurate hole placement, making sure that every borehole is located exactly where it should be. Therefore, this accuracy minimizes waste and improves drilling outcomes. Our rigs have a strong and high-torque drilling technology. Thus, that allows them to work in even the most difficult geological situations. However, every day they provide dependable and consistent drilling performance.

Our separated dth surface drill rig is built with efficiency at its core. Higher productivity and lower operating expenses result from shorter drilling times, less downtime, and little need for maintenance. We, as surface drill rig manufacturers, are flexible and can tailor to fit a variety of drilling applications. Thus, from mining and quarrying to construction and geotechnical projects.

Meeting the Standards 


With more than three decades of experience, we as a China drill rig manufacturer, have developed our skills in designing and producing hydraulic surface drill rig equipment that is superior to industry standards. Therefore, we make significant investments in research and development. Thus, to make sure that our Separated DTH Surface Drill Rigs favor forming enduring relationships with our clientele. However, from rig selection through after-sales service and maintenance, our committed customer support team is always available to help.

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